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A concise walk-through on how to get Botdesk up and running.
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1. Enter your FAQ url

Just copy and paste a link to your FAQ page. This page can be just a list of questions and answers, or even a zendesk support page.

Note: If it is the incorrect link, your bot won’t work. If you think you put the right link, and your bot isn’t working, email us at and we’ll resolve it as soon as possible.

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2. Quick customization

Choose a name, enter a welcome message, and select a color for your bot! The first impression of your bot is just as important as it is for a sales agent.

Further customization of your bot’s personality will be available later in the dashboard, this is just for a preliminary look and feel.

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3. Test your bot

Assuming you input the right link, your bot should be able to answer frequently asked questions. Pretend you’re a customer visiting your business's website and ask your bot queries.

Expect the bot to make a few mistakes, but keep in mind that you’ll be able to tweak things to make your bot smarter.

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4. Enter the dashboard

After you enter in your email and password, you’ll be given access to your bot’s mother board. Edit questions, refine variations, analyze customers, and launch your bot, all from here!

When your three weeks trial expires, and you would like to use the bot, you can pay from the billing tab. Or if you don’t like it, the bot widget will just be automatically removed from your website.

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