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But does it look good?

We've got you covered. Customize any part of the bot or select from one of our many themes. You have complete freedom to alter the look, feel, and personality of the bot, so that it complements that of your company.

Just as a sales agent or customer support agent is careful about the way they present themselves, your bot should possess similar finesse. It is the first impression of your company's customer interactions - and can be quite spectacular if you put significant thought into it.

How can I monitor its interactions?

The analytics dashboard will track your progress and bottlenecks. One set of statistics is devoted to customers. Understand how your visitors think, react, and see how many people were satisfied with their bot experience.

The other set of statistics is focussed on the questions. Learn which questions are popular, and perhaps which areas of your website/product/marketing need to be bolstered.

What happens if the bot can't answer?

Some customers might not use conventional language, ask for something very specific and complex, or, let's face it, try and troll the bot. In these cases, your bot will simply redirect the customer to a human (or any other channel of your choice).

As a plus, you can also teach your bot new questions, or add the question as a variation to another question-answer pairing, to ensure the question gets answered by every customer in the future. Sometimes FAQ makers overlook certain questions because they don't see the business from the customer's point of view. Unanswered questions can be a blessing in disguise if they are repeated or insightful because they can help better serve future customers.

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