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The process is so intuitive and easy to follow, your grandparents could figure it out! Check out this guide, or ask our chatbot for further information.

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Meet your customers on their channels. You can deploy Botdesk on your website, while Messenger and more are on the way.

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Our AI algorithms are reliable and accurate. Update it for new questions, fine-tune variations, and garner even better results.

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What are some popular questions your customers have? What pages are sparking the most questions? Inform your business with customer data.

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Even when you're asleep or on holiday, Botdesk will be hard at work, delivering instant responses.


Choose colors, shades, icons, and more, to make Botdesk's integration with your website aesthetic and seamless.

Analyze and retrain

Keep increasing the effectiveness of your bot by retraining it with more questions. Use the analytics dashboard to guide you.

No more live chat

Only online 9-5? Unavailable on weekends? Live chat is expensive, and not always effective - Botdesk is here to fix that for good.

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Experiment and implement for two weeks. You decide if it's worth it. But we guarantee you'll like it :)

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Smart chatbots have only ever been available to big budget enterprises. We're making it accessible for everyone.

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21-day free trial. No coding required.

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